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Welcome to the new!  The site may look different, but your favorite features are still here, and we're still the same people we've always been.  For the most part, is Glenn and Barbara trying to figure out what people do in the water and how they might do it better.   We share our thoughts (and provide a forum for others to do the same) and hope that somewhere, somehow our suggestions will help a fellow athlete.   We have many friends helping us out and, as time goes on, you’ll see more of them taking an active role in postings and articles.  We also encourage YOU to get involved not only in the forums, but also in offering your suggestions and articles.  We’d love more input from you.

The biggest NEW thing about the site is that it will be easier for you to FIND the information you want.   In talking to you via surveys and email, we learned that the toughest thing about our old site was simply finding the information.   In the new site, we've organized our growing archive of drills, articles, and practices into categories.  We then created TAGS to help define the information even further, and to allow you to "get to it" more quickly.   Here's a quick tutorial to help you get the most out of the new  

First, we’ll cover navigation, then we’ll move on to some snappy new features.

The first place to go is the word "Login" at the upper right of your screen.  Get that to GO AWAY as soon as possible by signing in, or signing up.   Signup is FREE, and allows you to post comments and questions on the site.   When you sign up, you will get our weekly update (which you can de-select with one simple click).  We will not sell or share your email address with anyone else, and your email address is hidden from other who visit the site.   

Once you log in, you’ll see a cool WELCOME screen.  You’ll be able to “Edit Profile” so you can tell the Go Swim world all about yourself.  You’ll also be able to “Site Admin”... oh... wait... ignore that button.  You’ll also be able to “Logout”... now that we think about it, ignore that one too.  Just stay here!

Once you’re logged in you’ll see the “Top Navigation Bar.”  This sounds very official (and you’ll actually see the bar before you log in), but we still want you to log in).  This navigation bar is very straightforward:

HOME gets you EVERYTHING.  In reverse chronological order, you’ll have access to EVERYTHING we’ve ever posted on the site.  In a way, this is the archive.  But it also gives you the newest posts right at the top, as well as other items we feel are important... like this tutorial.   HOME has it all, and will continue to have to all.

DRILLS is the Drill-of-the-Week archive.  Here you'll find more than 200 GoSwim drills in reverse chronological order.  They're all here -- from newest to oldest.  

PRODUCTS is the MOST important tab here. This is where you can see all of our DVDs, CDs, and other cool new things we’ll be coming out with shortly.  

PRACTICES is new.  While it’s going to take us a while to get it all sorted out, Barbara has posted HUNDREDS of practices over the past few years.  The problem is, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for.  This will change soon, because we’ve implemented a simple system for finding practices that will suit you (maybe).  We’ll be posting more and more practices, and we hope you enjoy making practical application out of the suggested training routines.

VIDEOS is our BIG video player.  This player gives you quick access to just about every video we've published online.  It’s a tabbed player, so look for the strokes listed across the top.  Oh... yes... there are ads in the player.  While we’d love to tell you everything in life is free, it’s not.  What we ran into over the past few years is called BANDWIDTH costs.  The more everyone clicked, the more expensive everything got.   The ads that you see will allow us to continue creating the FREE videos you see every week.  While there will be ads in the this indexed player, you shouldn’t see any on the drill videos on the individual pages.  It’s a trade off we made so we could get you what you asked for... larger, clearer videos... for free.  Besides... some of them are actually funny.  (If you’re worried we’ll be driving Ferraris if you click on an ad... DON’T.  If we were talking a whole penny per click, we’d have a shot at a Yugo).

FORUMS is our discussion board.  Our web-guy has done a GREAT job in maintaining EVERY post we’ve ever had on the old site.  This was no easy feat as we’re talking about more than 12,000 posts (plus all the articles and images).  You’ll find some cool new features in here as well, like a list of who has posted, and a quick link to other things they’ve posted.  It’s very nice, and if you like someone’s point of view in one thing, you can quickly see what they have to say about something else.

MEMBERS is YOU.  You can (slightly) customize your profile with a cool pic (look at ours and see HOW cool), post some other info about you, and where you're from.  The cool thing is that no matter what country you're from... we've got your flag.  It's great to see how many places our friends are from, and we can't wait to see all the different colors represented.

We weren't kidding when we said we were cleaning “The Pool.”   However, this little grey box to the right on most pages really IS “The Pool”.  It’s a finer detailed navigation menu for you.

While HOME gets you everything, The Pool  is where it's at (but you knew that already, right?).  In The Pool (the blue-grey box on the right-hand side of most pages), you will find a smaller, sorted collection of things you’re looking for.   Need a more detailed navigation menu for our Articles?  It's in The Pool.  Need to find a drill for a specific stroke?  You'll find it in The Pool.  Trying to find our newest DVD?  Head to The Pool and click that DVD button to test it out.  Looking for an elite workout... or a practice that you can give to a mixed-ability Masters team?   You'll find it right now in The Pool under a Gold or Group logo, and eventually these practices will be sorted even finer once we get The Pool even cleaner.  

Need to zoom in even further to get what you need?   Scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Underwater Tag Cloud."  In each category, if you’re still having trouble finding just what you need... and you’re busy scrolling through the pages... scroll to the bottom of the page to access this feature.  Click on one of the words in the Tag Cloud and see what happens.  When you get to the next page, click a different word in the Tag Cloud and see what happens.  You'll soon discover how easy it is to find the article or drill that best suits your needs.  

OK, that explains how you get around, from general to specific.  Now let's look at some FUN stuff built into the site.

Not from an English-speaking country?  FINALLY we’ve done something COOL for you.  See all those flags at the top?  Of course you did.  If you’re reading this in a language that makes sense you, you’ve already clicked the flag that means the most to you.  We just want you to know how long we’ve wanted this feature, and are glad to be able to share what we do with you.  We hope you enjoy our community, and if we say something REALLY offensive to you, it's not our fault!  It’s the stupid Google translation.   

Yep, like everything else these days, we’ve been Googlefied in more than just translation.  We’re hoping this continues to make it SIMPLE to find the information you’re looking for on

Another new feature is SHARING!  Just below the navigation bar, and ABOVE the title of each article, drill, and weekly feature, is a special menu.  This menu features buttons that allow you to bookmark, share, and even customize the information.

If you’re a user, then you know you carry all your bookmarks with you no matter WHO’S computer you’re on.  Plus, you see other sites that are like the ones you enjoy.  If you don't already know, you should check it out!    Digg will also get you information you enjoy as well as spread the word about your favorite pastime (swimming).  Got a Facebook profile?  Now you can quickly add great articles and swimming-related features to your profile.  Of course, emailing to your friends is wonderful, and now you have this option on every page of  The last button is something that will be a FAVORITE for all us Masters swimmers:  INCREASE FONT SIZE!

Phew... and we’re just getting started.  That’s the MEAT of what we’ve been working on, and will continue to be working on for a few months to come.  (If you’re reading this in 2009 and we haven’t updated this page... please let us know we’re all caught up... thanks.)

Thanks for your patience while we tighten the lane lines, synchronize the pace clocks, and adjust the chemicals in our New Pool.  We look forward to having you all jump in and get started, and we hope you will please give us your feedback... on this page and via our email.  

OK... you know we can’t NOT say it... but now that the new site is up... let’s all head back to the pool... and.... GO SWIM!!!!!

The Pool

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