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A GoSwim subscription gives you access to the world’s fastest swimmers, including world record holders from six countries, members of 49 different Olympic Teams, and holders of 60+ Olympic medals.

What Our Friends are Saying

Jessica Hardy - Olympian - Medalist

Jessica Hardy

Olympian – Medalist

WHEN GO SWIM asked to film me for their subscription site, I had no idea I'd be spending so much time on the site watching the technique of other swimmers.  It's amazing what you can learn.

Dana and Wiggles - Members

Dana & Wiggles


ONE MONTH of Go Swim.  Three best times and lots of smiles.  Thank you, Go Swim!

Steve Haufler - Legendary Instructor

Steve Haufler

Legendary Instructor

IN THE PAST, I showed my swimmers photos of great swimmers. Now, with Go Swim, I can send them VIDEOS of great swimmers. The progress has been phenomenal.

27 Gold · 23 Silver · 10 Bronze and 1 Congressional Gold Medal

With a GoSwim subscription, you have access to world-class technique, demonstrated by world-class swimmers. If you’re a beginning swimmer, you will see how world-class instructors teach all the strokes and turns. Here’s our current list of athletes and teachers. We’re adding more all the time.

Dave Denniston - National Team - Paralympian
Staciana Stitts -Olympian - Medalist
Misty Hyman - Olympian - Medalist
Jeff Rouse - Olympian - Medalist
Amanda Beard - Olympian - Medalist
Kaitlin Sandeno - Olympian - Medalist
Erik Vendt - Olympian - Medalist
Robert Margalis - National Team Member
Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen - Masters WR Holder
Aaron Peirsol - Olympian - Medalist
Kara Lynn Joyce - Olympian - Medalist
Scott Tucker - Olympian - Medalist
Steve Haufler - Legendary Instructor
Roland Schoeman - Olympian - Medalist
Margaret Hoelzer - Olympian - Medalist
Jason Lezak - Olympian - Medalist

Sara McLarty - Triathlete Rookie of the Year
Fran Crippen - National Team Member
Eric Shanteau - Olympian - Medalist
Cullen Jones - Olympian - Medalist
Roque Santos - Olympian
Kevin Clements - National Team Member
Glenn Mills - Olympian (US Boycott Team)
Brendan Hansen - Olympian - Medalist
Jessica Hardy - Olympian - Medalist
Dominik Meichtry - Olympian (Switzerland)
Wu Peng - Olympian (China)
Barry Murphy - Olympian (Ireland)
Carlos Almeida - Olympian (Portugal)
Bobby Savulich - National Team Member
Matt Patton - National Team Member
Ashley Delaney - Olympian (Australia)
Kim Vandenberg - Olympian - Medalist