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Record Training and Performance Swims

Record Training and Performance Swims

Effortlessly video capture team swim sessions from the GoSwim mobile app.

Provide Feedback

Provide Feedback

Seamlessly annotate your recorded videos in app then share with each of your swimmers.

Evaluate The Data

Evaluate The Data

The GoSwim App captures crucial data points during each swim, providing a comprehensive breakdown of your team's performance.

Embrace data-driven training and fine-tune every stroke with precision all from your phone.


Breakout Split

Measure the time taken from the start to the breakout, optimizing your swimmer's explosive push-offs for powerful starts.

Strokes per Length

Analyze stroke efficiency and streamline techniques by monitoring the number of strokes taken per length.

Distance Per Cycle

Maximize stroke efficiency by evaluating the distance covered with each full stroke cycle.

Swim Velocity

Measure swim speed to gauge progress and tailor training plans accordingly.

Split Times

Capture lap-by-lap data to identify areas for improvement in endurance and consistency.

Breakout Distance

Gauge the distance covered during the breakout phase, ensuring effective underwater propulsion.

Stroke Rate

Track the speed at which your swimmers execute their strokes, enabling targeted improvements.

15 Meter Split

Monitor intermediate times to fine-tune pacing and optimize strategies during longer races.

Turn/Finish Time

Assess turn and finish performance to gain valuable milliseconds during races.

Embrace the Future of Swim Training: GoSwim App

With the GoSwim App at your fingertips, your college swim team will revolutionize its approach to training and racing. Dive into the data-driven world of excellence, leaving no potential untapped and no record unbroken.

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