The Athlete Subscription allows full access to all GoSwim content. See any video, any time. Select any course for auto-delivery, or just browse through our entire system. Athletes can also receive daily videos from as many Training Groups as they’d like, whether it be your home team, your swim teacher, GoSwim, or your tri-group. Click here to create your Athlete Account

This plan is specifically designed for mobile-device users, providing faster playback while using less mobile data.


The Coach plan allows any coach to invite up to 100 athletes into a Training Group and to share a video of their choosing… every day. The Coach can shape the technique education to their athletes by selecting videos that best represent their coaching philosophy. When the coach shares technique videos with the athletes BEFORE practice, the coach then can spend less time explaining a skill, and more time practicing that skill. Education that takes place outside of pool time makes pool time more effective.

The Coach plan also allows for use of the GoSwim Deckshots feature. Deckshots allows the coach to film the swimmers, and quickly upload that video into GoSwim. The video is immediately shared with the swimmer for post-practice review (the swimmers will have it before they leave the pool). The videos are stored in the GoSwim system, for immediate recall by any swimmer, at any time, as long as they have wifi or cell service. No need to store thousands of videos on your device. Click here to create your Coach Account