Our Mission

To create content that helps people of all ages and backgrounds to swim better and reach their full potential in the sport.

Our History

GoSwim was founded in 2002 by USA Olympian Glenn Mills and business colleague Barbara Hummel. Our mission has always been to create videos that help people swim better and faster. Our videos are easy to follow, and feature world-class swimmers and coaches, including more than 30 Olympians, USA National Team Members, and NCAA champions. Our goal is to show the things that elite swimmers do, that every swimmer can learn to do.

After building a library of 40 DVDs and thousands of individual clips of world-class swim technique, GoSwim’s next goal was to find a way to get these videos, literally, into the hands of swimmers on their mobile devices. In 2010, GoSwim launched the industry’s first iPhone app, bringing the best of GoSwim’s drills and technique content right to the pool deck. Today, the app is used by hundreds of thousands of swimmers and coaches, worldwide.

In 2011, and always at the forefront of using technology to improve coaching and swimming, GoSwim created the industry’s first subscription platform for delivery of swim-technique content. GoSwim.tv gives swimmers a simple, inexpensive way to access all of GoSwim’s content, and gives coaches the ability to send selected videos to their swimmers every day before practice.

In 2014, GoSwim created a second app, called Deckshots, which allows coaches to film their swimmers on a mobile device and then immediately upload the video for playback by the swimmer.

GoSwim’s videos are acclaimed and unsurpassed for clarity of filming and clarity of content and commentary. Today, GoSwim videos are watched by tens of thousands of swimmers and coaches every day, on every continent and in nearly every country in the world. It’s safe to say that, at any given moment, there’s a swimmer, somewhere, watching a GoSwim video, with the desire to become better and faster.

Our Team

Glenn Mills won the 200 breaststroke at US Olympic Trials and was ranked third in the world in that event. Unfortunately, the United States led a boycott of the 1980 Olympics, so many swimmers around the world were not allowed to compete.

After receiving the Congressional Gold Medal in 1980, Glenn continued his Olympic quest, representing the USA at the 1982 World Championships, becoming an NCAA champion in 1983. Glenn officially retired from swimming after failing to qualify for the 1984 Olympics.

In addition to making the 1980 Olympic Team, Glenn has received many accolades for his swimming and contributions to the sport. He has been inducted to the Cincinnati Marlins Hall of Fame, the Greater Cleveland Sports Hall of Fame, and the University of Alabama Athletic Hall of Fame. In 2014, USA Swimming recognized GoSwim as the sport’s leading provider of educational video content for swimming, and announced that it would partner with GoSwim, making them an official technique video supplier to USA Swimming. In 2016, the International Swimming Hall of Fame honored Glenn and GoSwim with the prestigious Paragon Award for their exceptional contributions to the sport of competitive swimming.

Barbara Hummel has six decades of experience as a competitive swimmer. She set her first national age-group record at age nine, and has continued to set national records (and a world relay record) throughout her life as a masters swimmer. In 1998 she turned her first career as a book editor into a second career as a swim coach and editor of GoSwim’s voiceover scripts. In addition to her work at GoSwim, Barbara is head coach of the UVRays masters swim team in Vermont.

Our Headquarters

201 Covered Bridge Road Woodstock, VT 05091 [email protected]