A Training Group can be seen as “your team.” Everyone is welcome to be a member of the GoSwim Group, where we share videos every day, directly to your email account.If your home team decides they’d like to share content directly to their swimmers, they have the ability to set up their own Training Group, and decide what videos their swimmers receive on a daily basis.

With a Training Group, coaches have the ability to shape the content in their own image. USA Swimming has selected GoSwim as their Technical Video Partner, because we offer MANY different options for technique, rather than a single solution for each part of the stroke.


Our Courses are a group of videos that all focus on the same subject matter. Whether it’s the focus on a single athlete, or the focus on a single skill, our courses follow a path to building on better technique while focusing on one skill, or one athlete at a time.

Members have the ability to self-direct these courses, with either a “binge watch,” where they can see all the lessons in the course at one sitting, or through our scheduled feature, which allows for the daily delivery of each lesson directly to your email account. The choice is yours.


Our Lessons are the individual videos that reside inside a course. While many Lessons are good on their own, when shaped into a course of similar content, each lesson takes on new life. To see how similar lessons are used in different ways, how each Lesson can impact a swimmer for various strokes, or for various skills, lessons are good, but in a course, they’re better.

Upgraded members have the ability to watch ANY Lesson, at ANY time. Individual Lessons will recommend additional Lessons that will help you build upon the skill or discover a new aspect of the skill.