What do I get when I sign up for the annual subscription of $99.99?

An annual subscription gives you unlimited streaming access to all of GoSwim’s video content for one year.

What do I get when I sign up for the monthly subscription of $9.99?

You get everything as stated above in the annual subscription, but you are billed monthly, making your subscription just a bit more expensive if you decide to stay the entire year.

Are the subscriptions automatically renewing?

Yes. All of our subscriptions renew automatically at the end of their terms.

Can I cancel the automatic renewing feature?

Yes. You may cancel your subscription at any time, and you’ll still be able to view all the content on the site until the end of your term. For example, if you know you’re going to use the service for only the next year, you can sign up today and then cancel today. All you’re cancelling is the automatic renewing feature of the subscription. You’ll still be able to view all the videos for the next year.

How do I cancel or upgrade my subscription, or change my method of payment?

Click the ACCOUNT icon that appears in the upper right-hand corner of each page of the website (the icon looks like a set of gears). Once in your account, click BILLING in the right-hand column. Under BILLING, you can cancel your subscription, change your credit card, and upgrade your subscription.

With so many videos, how can I find the one I’m looking for?

When you click the LESSONS tab at the top of the page, you’re presented with a list of every chapter, drill, and video clip we’ve ever created. This list defaults to reverse chronological order (newest videos first). To the right side of that page, you’ll see a list of TAGS. By clicking one, or any combination, of these TAGS, you can shorten the list of videos, narrowing your choices to the videos that will mean the most to your search. You can also use the search input that appears at the top of every page. Simply type in a few descriptive words, e.g., “flip turns,” and a list of clips related to your search will appear.

How do I improve the streaming quality?

In your account settings, you’ll be able to turn on, or off, HD videos. By turning the HD button on, the videos will be clear on large screens. By turning the HD off, you’ll be able to watch the videos more quickly on your mobile phone, and still see crystal clear swimming. https://www.goswim.tv/account/settings


I’m a Coach. How can I share these videos with my swimmers?

By setting up a Training Group. Anyone who is an annual subscriber is able to set up a Training Group, which enables you to share GoSwim content with a maximum of 100 swimmers. As the coach, you may share one video per week with your Training Group for FREE -- with no extra charge to you or to the swimmers.

How many times can the swimmers watch the video clips that I send?

As many times as they want...for five days from the time they receive your email suggesting that they watch a particular video clip.

Can I choose when my email notification will be sent to the swimmers in a Training Group?

Yes. Once you create a Training Group, you will have a Group Admin section where you can select the day of the week and the time when your email is sent. For example, you can have the email sent one hour before practice or the night before practice. You control the timing.

Why call it a Training Group and not a Team?

We use the term “Training Group” because most teams are divided into training groups, e.g., Developmental Group, Senior Group, National Group. Typically, on any given day, a team’s training groups focus on different techniques or skills, so it’s important for the coach to send content that means something to each swimmer and that pertains to what the swimmer will be working on at the next practice.

Can I set up more than one Training Group?

Yes, but to do so you must purchase an additional annual subscription ($129.99) for each Training Group you wish to establish.

Your annual coach’s subscription of $124.99 allows you to establish only one Training Group for up to 100 swimmers. It does not allow you to establish, for example, four Training Groups with 25 swimmers in each Group. If you or your assistant coaches wish to establish additional Training Groups, each Training Group will require additional Training Groups, which come with a FULL Coach subscription (for the assistant), as well as the ability to share with up to 100 swimmers, and we offer these additional Training Groups at a reduced rate. 1st Group - $124.99, 2nd Group - $99.99, 3rd Group - $74.99. 4th Group - $49.99, and all additional groups would be $24.99 each.

If my team purchases multiple Training Groups, can I manage them under one account?

Yes. Your team can have a single log-in, under which all of the Training Groups are listed. In the scheduling page, it will be easy for you to “see” each Training Group and schedule specific videos for each Group.

My Team has five Training Groups, with 10 coaches, how can we manage this as a team?

Each Training Group could have it’s own subscription based on the discounted schedule from above. The team should indicate who would be the lead “technique” coach of each specific group. If there are more than one coach per Training Group, the coaches should talk about what should be shared, and the lead technique coach would then locate the most appropriate video and share the video with the group.

Can a swimmer belong to more than one Training Group?

Yes, but you will need to send a separate invitation to the swimmer to join each Training Group, and the swimmer must redeem each invitation separately. If the swimmer wants to watch more than one video per week per Training Group, s/he will need to purchase a separate upgrade for each Training Group. If this is the case, it would make sense for the swimmer to upgrade to a full monthly or annual subscription.

What are the steps for setting up a Training Group?

Here are the steps:

  1. Purchase an annual subscription ($99.99). Terms of Service
  2. Log in to GoSwim
  3. Watch this tutorial.
If I know that a swimmer is under the age of 13, should I send the original invitation to the swimmer or to their parent/guardian?

You should send it to the parent/guardian.

I have a family with two or more children in the same Training Group. How do I handle the invitation(s) for them to join the Training Group?

Since Training Groups also include our Deckshots tool, which allows the coach to video the swimmers with their own iPhones, to better categorize your personal videos, each swimmer in the platform should have their own, unique email login.

If you have swimmers who do not yet have their own email, we suggest you create a free account in something like Gmail, Yahoo, or iCloud.

I have a family with more than one individual in the SAME Training Group, what fees are involved?

Since members of a Training Group will eventually want access to our Deckshots feature, each account is treated as an individual account. If the family would like full access to all the content in GoSwim, we suggest members of Training Groups keep their free accounts, and one login is deemed the upgraded account. When looking through all the content, the family members would log in with THAT account.

As a coach, how do I move a swimmer from one Training Group to another Training Group?

The swimmer should unsubscribe from your email of the first Training Group. You should then send the swimmer an invitation to join the new Training Group.

As a coach, can I add swimmers to a Training Group at any time? How do I do that?

Yes. Simply send them an invitation to join the Training Group. For a demo, check out this video.

I have a swimmer who is moving. How do I remove him from a Training Group? If he immediately joins another team that uses the GoSwim Service, can he transfer his registration and GoSwim account?

Coming soon. For more information, email: [email protected]


How does GoSwim use any personal information I provide for either me or my children?

For purposes of the GoSwim Team-Sharing Service, GoSwim acts solely as an intermediary between the coach and the individuals who accept the coach’s invitation to be in a GoSwim Training Group established by the coach. GoSwim is providing a service to the coach, whereby GoSwim hosts video content and facilitates the ability of the coach to share this content with members of a Training Group. In order to provide the GoSwim Service to the coach, GoSwim must obtain emails for members of the coach’s Training Group. GoSwim uses these emails only for purposes of facilitating the service agreement between GoSwim and the coach. GoSwim does not share or sell these emails to any other entity for any other purpose.

When a coach inputs an individual’s email into the GoSwim system, it is because the coach wishes to invite that individual to join a GoSwim Training Group. GoSwim uses that email solely for the purpose of sending an email invitation to the individual to join the Training Group. When an individual redeems the invitation and sets up an account with GoSwim, the individual chooses which email(s) will be used by GoSwim for purposes of receiving weekly or daily emails from the coach, containing GoSwim videos. Once an individual registers and sets up an account with GoSwim, neither the coach nor GoSwim “sees” the email address(es) input during registration. The email(s) are used by GoSwim solely for accounting purposes and to facilitate delivery of the weekly or daily emails/videos from the coach.

Your child cannot create an account if he or she is under the age of 13. If your child is under age 13, you must register and set up the account for him or her. This is to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPAA). To read more about COPAA, visit their website at www.copaa.org. When you register the account, you can establish yourself as the “primary” email and add your child as the secondary email. This way, BOTH of you will receive the weekly or daily emails/videos from the coach.