Learning the Underwater Dolphin - On Your Side

Important Note to the Viewer


Step 1 - Front Slow - Fast Back

Step 1 - Front Slow - Fast Back

The ideal place to practice this first step is deep water. You’re not going to move too far forward, but you may float up. The goal is to try to get 3-5 sequences done prior to floating to the surface. In a streamline position on your side, totally underwater. Pivot at the hips, very limited bend in the legs. Fold your body at the hips - slowly forward with upper and lower body creating a forward V. As hard as you can, take the arms and legs BACK to full movement in a U shape… hold. Make sure you don’t tuck the chin or move the head independently on this. Keep everything locked in and activate the lower back and ab muscles for all movements. Repeat as many times as you can until you either float to the surface or need some air. You’ll have very little movement in this exercise. Focus on ALL movement coming from the core and remember, limit the bending of the knees. Also make sure your head is locked between the arms.