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Side balance, with your nose down, starts to show you a more swimming like body position for freestyle. This will teach you balance while you’re on your side during your extension.

Push off with both arms at your side, on your side. Keep your eyes looking directly at the bottom of the pool.

Keep your arms relaxed, not using the hands to scull, and kick gently.

Your head may be completely underwater, but the goal will be to have the relaxed arm on top of the body, to be showing above the water from shoulder to fingers.

When you have to breathe, there are a couple ways. One is to roll back to balance on your stomach, and lift your head for air, get a breath, then put the head back down and rotate back to side balance.

The other way would be to simply turn your head up to air. Until you really master balance, this may be harder than it appears.

If you're interested in seeing how you're doing on this drill, video yourself and upload your video to our evaluation system.