When you swim freestyle, your body is constantly shifting from balance point to balance point. This drill helps you learn any and all points in a 360° radius.

Start with your arms down by your sides, with your body rotated to one side. Eyes down to the bottom.

Once you feel balanced, rotate your face to air. Try to rotate ONLY your head, not your entire body.

Once you’re stable with your eyes up, rotate your body so the opposite shoulder is at the surface.

Rotate your head back down, then follow with the shoulder. Repeat.

Always move the head first, and then when stable, rotate the body to the next position.

Practice rotation in both directions, clockwise, and counter clockwise.

Don’t jerk the body aggressively to each position, but make the movement slow and controlled.

The degree of rotation in the shoulders may change for some from looking down to looking up. Looking down, the shoulders may be more stacked, looking up, the shoulders may be rotated a bit more toward the back.

If you're interested in seeing how you're doing on this drill, video yourself and upload your video to our evaluation system.