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Excellent timing in breaststroke results in decreased resistance. A swimmer wants to create as little resistance as possible from the legs when pulling, and as little resistance as possible from the arms when kicking.

The goal is streamlined timing.

Don’t start pulling until you finish your kick.

And…have the front part of your body fully streamlined before the kick fires.

To teach this timing, I start with Separation Drill. First, without breathing, she does the arms only…then the legs only.

Understand that some swimmers will naturally do the correct timing when instructed to do separation drill.

If this happens, just move on. You don’t need to teach this drill.

However, if the swimmer does the separation drill correctly…

…Tell them to start their legs sooner, as the arms start to move forward. This happens after the scoop and at the beginning of the shoot.

This results in the propulsive phase of the kick beginning just as the hands reach extension.

Be sure to give feedback. Some need to start their kick sooner; others need to start their kick later.