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Common Breaststroke Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Mistake #5: Timing Mistakes

The problem: kicking too late
The fix: Head-Lead Kick on the Stomach

When a swimmer kicks too late there will be a dead spot in propulsion. The problem usually originates with a delayed recovery of the legs.

To correct this mistake, have the swimmer practice kicking on the stomach with arms at their sides.

Start like this… then lift the upper body as a unit to breathe and at the same time begin to bend the knees.

Then, as the upper body starts to lunge forward into the water, complete the recovery by bringing the heels to the bum and then deliver the kick instantly as the face and torso press toward the water.

The hips will rise. Repeat and make sure to keep this rhythm.

Next, add the arms and keep the same coordination between sliding the hips, relaxing the knees, and the complete recovery of the legs during the shoot.

The legs will now be in a position to kick at the precise time.