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Freestyle Swim Lesson #3:
 Flutter Kick

Here’s where we’re headed when teaching the freestyle kick…or flutter kick. The legs should be long and “supple” with a slight bend in the knee… but notice that the swimmer is not kicking FROM the knees. The toes are pointed, and the kick is constant and steady.

To teach freestyle kick I use a 4-step process. For the first step I use the wall or a lane line. I want them to hold on to something stable and I want their head down in a neutral position while I move their legs. They can come straight up for air when they need it, and they can practice blowing bubbles when their face is in the water.

I place my hands above her knees and create the motion from the hips. I want her to think of kicking with long straight legs and with pointed toes.

The motion should originate from the top the leg and not from the knee.

However…as the motion becomes more natural, the swimmer will slightly bend her knees on the way down and straighten on the way up.

The feet will also be a relaxed point. Ideally the feet should be relaxed, flexible and move like a fin.

Step #2 is to have the swimmer kick with a board, like this. Arms are extended in Position 11. The face is in the water with the head in a neutral position and with the eyes looking straight down.

In Step #3 we take away the kickboard and she kicks in Position 11.

The fourth and final step is to introduce Side-Glide Kick without Breathing. I make sure the swimmer’s eyes are looking straight down and one shoulder is out of the water.

We practice kicking with the right arm leading…

…and then the left arm leading. The opposite shoulder should be up to the sky.

Notice how the kick stays under the water and the motion is toward the side.

It‘s also a good idea to let the swimmers use fins with this drill.