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All of these videos were shot with the iPhone 5S.

These were shot last week while we were in California putting together the new Steve Haufler Freestyle Basics video.

We had an opportunity to also work with a few great swimmers, so the competitive swimmers you're seeing on these videos are all at the elite level.

It's very important to understand, that all of these videos (except the 2nd quick clip), was shot while I was dry, and standing on the deck. Steve Haufler shot the short clip as I wanted to prove to him how easy it was to use the phone.

The technology is here for you to film your swimmers on a daily basis. Giving frequent, consistent, and quick feedback visually. It only takes a few seconds.

As a disclaimer, we receive no compensation from either of the companies I'm linking to here. I just really think all coaches should have these tools.

iPhone case - Hitcase
Monopod - QuikPod