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Wall Kick helps you develop a narrow, efficient recovery. Start by holding your body flat against the wall. Then simply kick breaststroke, but keep your body flat against the wall. If your knees hit the wall, or if your belly pulls away from the wall, you’re bringing the knees up too high.

Try not to lift up too much with your hands, as Dave is doing here.

By holding your body close to the wall, your knees automatically stay in line with your shoulders, chest, and hips – and the kick happens behind your body.

Let’s slow that down. Start with your body flat against the wall. Keep the feet together as you bring the heels up behind the body. Then, turn the ankles out and sweep the feet out, around, and down to finish the kick.

Keep your body as close to the wall as you can.

Delete this clip of Dave kicking into the wall. His knees come up too high.

You can also practice this drill by kicking directly IN to the wall. Keep your hands, head, and body below the surface and kick straight into the wall.

Notice that Staciana keeps her knees in line with her thighs…and that her kick happens behind the body.

Dave’s body is too far out of the water here, and he’s not learning to kick straight. By correcting his position – hands under water and head down -- he’s learning to kick himself forward, just as he would if he were swimming.