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Streamline Kick on Your Back gives you many opportunities to train not only the legs but your technique as well.

Start with a beautiful, tight streamline…one hand on top of the other using a thumb lock to help bring the elbows more in line. Squeeze the biceps onto your head behind the ears.

Lie back into the water to bring your hips up. One key point is to keep your hands at or under the surface of the water. This will keep your torso and hips in line, and will make it easy for coaches to spot incorrect bodyline from the surface.

Keep the kick narrow, with the knees just touching the surface of the water.

Keep the toes pointed and just touching the surface – enough to drag some air back down under water. Don’t make a big splash.

Maintain a super streamline through the entire exercise, the goal being to slice through the smallest hole in the water at all times.