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Once you can kick on your back, it’s time to add some rotation. Push off on your back with arms at your sides, and get into a tilted position, with head and eyes oriented directly UP, and with a steady flutter kick. Then…without moving your head or eyes, rotate your shoulders, hips, and feet so that you’re tilted just slightly to the OTHER side.

Maintain a steady, consistent kick as you rotate from one side to the other. Keep your head and eyes absolutely steady as your rotate your body.

Try to flow smoothly from one side to the other. Make sure you’re completely balanced and comfortable before you rotate to the other side.

This kind of smooth, relaxed rotation – with steady head and steady kick – is a very important skill in swimming. If you zig-zag down the pool, it usually means you’re moving your head from side to side. Keep your eyes focused on the ceiling and keep your head rock steady as you rotate the rest of your body.