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This drill adds body rotation…and the actual PULLING action…to the Single-Arm Backstroke Scull. The swimmer’s initial focus is getting into the ideal CATCH position for backstroke, and then EXPLORING that position with one palm…and then the other.

As the swimmer initiates the transition from one side to the other, two things happen. The lead hand – the sculling hand – makes a definite connection or “catch” with the water. At the same time, the trailing hand lifts and exits the water to begin the recovery.

This is a fairly advanced drill, requiring attention to several fine points to make everything flow. Notice how Ash maintains a steady head position and a steady, continuous kick throughout the drill.

Notice the precise connection between the hips and hands. As the sculling hand anchors and connects with the water to begin the pull, the hips and torso remain tilted to allow for the catch. As the hands finishes the pull, the rotation of the hips allows the hand to pull all the way THROUGH to the hip.