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This drill is similar to the popular “Backstroke Wave” drill, but calls for a bit of extra technique and skill. The difference is that…as the recovering hand enters the water, it pauses and SCULLS in the catch position. The swimmer continues to scull, as she simultaneously lifts…lowers…and then lifts the trailing arm into the recovery.

With each cycle, the swimmer is imprinting the “feel” of the catch and is learning how and where to anchor the hand. With each cycle, the swimmer must also maintain a steady kick…in order to maintain a horizontal bodyline.

Try not to rush any of the steps. Be patient with the sculling hand. Lift the trailing arm until it is directly overhead and then CONTROL the movement as you lower the hand to the water and lift it again for the recovery. Maintain an even, steady pace with all your movements.

To explore deeper into the drill, try to connect the CATCH of the hand to the ROTATION of the hip. If the hand finds a definite anchor point, and the hand and hip are connected, the rotation of the hip and shoulder will help you pull THROUGH with the hand.

Watch for the connection between the catch point…and the rotation of the hips.