Here's a preview of our new app, soon to be available for iOS and Android.

With the app, you'll be able to film, show, and share videos of your swimmers directly from the phone.

Simply record a video with your phone, turn the phone around to show the swimmer, then, after they've started swimming again, the app will present you with your list of athletes. Select the athlete's name, select the stroke they swam, and QUEUE for upload.

The reason you DON'T want to upload right away is simple. If you want to record another video, and you want the phone to go back underwater, the signal will be broke, and the upload potentially corrupted.

After practice, click the WAITING FOR UPLOAD button, and the UPLOAD ALL VIDEOS. The videos will be uploaded, and the notifications automatically sent to the swimmers for post-practice review.

The swimmers can LITERALLY be watching videos of themselves swimming AT practice, on their way home FROM practice (as long as they aren't the ones driving!)

Much more to come, but here's a quick peek!

To record GREAT underwater video with your iPhone, get a Hitcase