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Double-Arm Backstroke is a fairly simple drill and is often performed with no attention to detail. But when executed with awareness and focus, it will improve many aspects of your backstroke technique. One aspect is the entry point for the hands, which should be directly above your shoulders.

First and foremost, Double-Arm Backstroke heightens your awareness of the catch point at the top of the stroke. Each time your hands enter the water, focus on grabbing the water immediately with both hands. Ash likes to pause just briefly at the catch, to imprint the position, and to heighten his “feel” for the connection with the water.

Make a definite connection with the water to initiate the catch. Anchor the hands. Then “hold on” to the water and think about pulling your body PAST your hands. If you bend the elbows and try to anchor the elbows as well as the hands, you can enhance the effectiveness of the pull.

Keep your arm movements symmetrical and precise. Try for a clean, pinky-first hand entry directly above the shoulders. Create a solid anchor with the palms and elbows. Maintain a solid pulling surface from the palms…across the wrist, and along the forearm.