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Karla combines one stroke of right-arm fly…one stroke of left-arm fly…and three strokes of breaststroke with no breath.

The idea is to focus on a big, undulating hip motion on the butterfly, and then to carry over that big hip motion to the breaststroke. By not breathing on the breaststroke, you make sure that your energy is flowing forward, not up and down.

Watch how Staciana takes the BIG hip motion of fly…and carries it into a low breaststroke.

It’s a low breaststroke, but with a lot of body motion to help drive her forward.

This drill is fun to do and feels great. And it teaches so many things – proper hip motion, steady rhythm, correct head and eye position, streamlining, and flow.

Dave’s recovery is higher than Staciana’s, but watch his hips. Watch how the hip motion of fly is carried over into the breaststroke.

Again…just follow the hips. This drill is named after Karla, a female swimmer from Auburn University.