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Want faster flip turns? Watch how Kristian helps himself spin faster.

Why do it:
If you want to break :19 for a 50 yard free, you can't spend much time on the wall. Tighten your tuck to rotate quicker.

How to do it:
1 - Start in water deep enough to make it challenging. Kristian is in 7' of water.
2 - Push off the bottom with force directly up toward the surface.
3 - Just before you break the surface, connect with your hands to help the spin (like a stroke of butterfly).
4 - Get as tight as possible and try to spin all the way around before you get back underwater.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
It's always the goal to completely spin while OUT of the water, but that's pretty much impossible in water this deep. Kristian even grabs his thighs to help stay tighter, but you have to remember to carry that tight tuck into the turn without grabbing the thighs.

Land back on your feet and review. Don't do a bunch of these in a row, but do one at a time, focusing on very tight and very quick spins.