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Body Balance – Snow Angel on Your Back helps you build a stable and functional shape while on your back.

To set up the drill, use an ankle strap to secure a pull buoy between your ankles.

Position your body face up and with arms extended above your head, palms facing the ceiling. Hold your head and neck in a “neutral” alignment and try to look at the ceiling directly above your belly button. When you feel horizontal and stable, sweep both arms through the water until they’re at your sides. Keep the arms and hands just barely below the surface of the water. Lead with the outside edge of your hands so that your body doesn’t move. Return the arms to the starting position above your head, this time leading with the thumbs so that your body stays in one spot.

A key aspect of this drill is to stay in one place as you move the arms. You’ll quickly learn that you need to use your abs to maintain your shape while moving your arms.

In order to swim fast, you must hold enough tension in the torso to maintain a stable shape. And you need to maintain stability while being fluid with the arms.