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Check out more breaststroke underwater pull videos

When we teach swimmers how to do a proper breaststroke underwater pull, it's not just about the sequence, it's about the timing.

Why do it:
This is a simple way to not just teach swimmers the underwater pull, but to teach them everything has a "system". The younger we can teach swimmers that greatness isn't luck, but rather a plan, the better chance they have.

How to do it:
1 - We've been showing it through the introduction. We're using a Tempo Trainer and starting the rate at 1:60.

2 - The swimmer submerges, and pushes on the first beep.
3 - They initiate the dolphin kick on the 2nd beep.
4 - Pull the arms down on the 3rd beep.
5 - Recover the arms and legs on the 4th beep.
6 - Swim on the 5th beep.... all in the same rhythm.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
Drop the time :05 on each attempt, until you find the rate that's just right for the race you're swimming. It will be different for a 50 than it will be for the 200. Many swimmers can't FEEL the right rate, so teach them to find it.

Some will be better than others, so find the one with the best overall appearance, and start to build again from there.