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This very simple activity helps swimmers establish a more solid streamline as well as identifying resistance and propulsion in their underwater dolphin.

Why do it:
First, never go farther than you're comfortable when swimming underwater. Learning a better bodyline while balancing the impact of the resistance of setting up the kick and the propulsion the kick delivers, adds to the swimming knowledge of the athlete.

How to do it:
1 - Start by letting the swimmer slowly dolphin kick to a point they're comfortable with. Count the kicks the swimmer took to reach that point.
2 - Have the swimmer repeat kicking to that set point, but reduce the number of dolphin kicks they take until they can't reduce any more and still make it to that spot.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
Each dolphin kick comes with a set up. Have the athlete experiment with the size of the kick, understanding that it's not always in the best interest of productivity to use a BIG kick as the set up may cancel out the propulsion that's about to happen.

Experiment with your count, and keep your body VERY tight during the streamline glide. It's a very relaxing and feel good sort of exercise.