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If you're going to sprint breaststroke, think about getting your kick out of the way.

Why do it:
We all know that reducing the size of the breaststroke kick, reduces the amount of resistance it creates. But to take advantage of that advantage, turn up the rate.

How to do it:
1 - There's no magic in this (or in any other drill). Just keep telling the swimmer to reduce the size of the kick until they almost can't feel it.
2 - If the swimmer really overdoes it, the kick may look like a dolphin kick with a little flair out of the feet at the end.
3 - Continue to reduce the kick and encourage the swimmer to make it smaller.

How to do it really well (the fine points)
The advantage of this can be, that the recovery of the kick allows the swimmer in INCREASE the rate of each stroke. Shift their focus to the front of the stroke, the catch, and start to increase the rate while encouraging them to remember the small kick.

You're fighting instinct here, the athlete's desire to grab or push as much water as possible, rather than smoothly flowing from one small stroke to the next, quickly. The ONLY way to find the right size of the kick and the right rate for your race... is to keep experimenting.