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From this angle, we can see all the parts of Kelsi’s stroke, from fingertips to toes. She does many things really well, but what catches our eye is how she finds one position for her head and neck and MAINTAINS that alignment throughout the entire stroke cycle. No matter what she’s doing with the pull, the kick, or the breath – her head and neck are stable and aligned and always moving forward.

We also notice that Kelsi’s hips ride high in the water during every part of the stroke. Kelsi has full-body undulation, but she keeps it just above and just below the surface. HOW she does this is a result of many things, including her strength and flexibility. But one of the big factors is the head/neck alignment we already mentioned. Another factor is that Kelsi thinks about landing her hands FORWARD – and high in the water -- rather than down.

From under the surface, we can see that Kelsi has a classic butterfly kick – taking two kicks per every armstroke.