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When you’re trying to develop a great underwater dolphin, stay focused when you’re doing normal kick.

Why do it:
Carrying through great technique to a kick set can help you learn skills that can become habits.

How to do it:
1 - When Butterfly Champion Kelsi Worrell kicks butterfly on her back, she doesn’t allow her hands to pop up and down out of the water.
2 - Kelsi focuses on driving the hands forward, staying in a solid bodyline as she kicks.
3 - This also keeps her kick compact

How to do it really well (the fine points):
Kelsi uses fins on this to feel the power generated through her body and down to her feet. By keeping the top of the body more solid, rather than allowing the hands to be held out of the water, she continues to focus on driving the hands forward with each kick.

Remember, if your hands are coming too high out of the water, your bodyline underwater may not be in the most productive position. Keep the hands stable and floating right at the surface of the water.

You can see more of Kelsi’s videos by following this link.