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While we covered the basics of pulling on the lane line in the Drill of the Week, to really work on a solid backstroke with his drill, here are a few more details.

1 - We previously talked about “staying close”, which keeps the arm bent. The closer the swimmer is to the lane line, the more bent the arm will be early in the process.

2 - Roll the shoulder. To continue to work the entire stroke, while the swimmer is connecting with the lane line, have them focus their attention on the OPPOSITE shoulder. Making sure the shoulder clears the surface of the water aids in developing good rotation. This will also help build a more complete stroke.

3 - Keep the head stable. With all this pulling on the lane line, and rolling the shoulder up, the swimmer may want to “rock” from side to side. Keep the focus of the third step on a stable head position.

4 - Let go of the lane line. Start the length with the foundation of pulling on the lane line, only take 2-3 pulls. Then release the hand from the lane line, and swim with the hand as CLOSE as possible to the lane line.

The goal will be to develop a straighter, or more linear pull, with a bent arm.