Because of a change in Apple's file sharing protocol, we've discovered that our updated version of Deckshots is not transferring files directly from Coaches Eye. This will also hold true for HUDL. This again, is a change in Apple's handling of files.

Here is the new path for the meantime.

  • After you've performed the annotation in Coaches Eye, save the file to your Photo Roll.
  • Open the Deckshots app.
  • Tap From Camera Roll in Deckshots
  • Locate the latest video(s) that you put in from Coaches Eye
  • Select the Choose button in Deckshots
  • Assign the athlete
  • Assign the stroke
  • Repeat, or upload the videos that are Waiting for Upload.

We will be working on an updated Deckshots app for 2019, but for now, this will be the fastest way to move your videos to your athletes in GoSwim.

Thank you.