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We’re going to watch this clip three times. First time through, focus just on James’s HEAD. Notice that when James is not breathing, the head is nearly submerged. And when James takes a breath, he keeps one goggle in the water. The head is also very stable, with no excess movement side to side or up and down. This is excellent technique, and helps James maintain a horizontal body line.

Second time through, focus just on James’s HIPS. They ride high in the water. And they rotate cleanly side to side, helping James slice through the water.

Third time through, focus on the kick. James is using a 6-beat kick. What we notice is that it’s constant, with a bit of extra emphasis every third down-kick, to aid his rotation. There’s quite a bit of bend in the knee, but the leg returns to a straight, long line with each arm extension. And, yeah, toes are pointed.