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James has a great “feel” for the water with his hands. At every speed, his hands always seem to be soft and relaxed, and to be almost SEARCHING for connection with the water.

To develop an equal amount of feel through his wrist and forearm, James uses the FINIS Agility Paddles. These are strapless paddles, with a convex shape, that allow his hands to be in the same relaxed position as when he swims without paddles. But they do much more. The Agility Paddles are what’s called “palm positive.” This means that the paddles will stay in place only if the palm is in constant connection with the water. If the swimmer bends the wrist…or drops the elbow…or doesn’t set up an early vertical forearm, the paddles will pull away from the hand.

Watch for the relaxed quality of James’s hands. And watch for how there’s a constant connection between palm, paddle, and water – all the way through the pull from catch to hand exit.