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Here’s a progression that James uses to develop a more constant, continuous kick. He uses the FINIS Edge Fin, which is designed to catch water on the up-kick, which activates the hamstrings and glutes, and encourages you to start the kick from the hips rather than the knees.

That said, you can see that James has a supple kick, with some bend in the knee, but he’s focusing on kicking from the hips and kicking with equal power UP and DOWN.

James establishes a horizontal body line and a continuous kick. When he adds the arms, he maintains that great body line and constant kick.

James pushes off with a dolphin kick, transitions to flutter, and breaks out into a length of freestyle. His thought process? Maintain a constant, continuous flutter kick and horizontal body line, synchronizing the kick with his armstroke.

James now starts the length with a constant, continuous kick. He begins by initiating a pull and a half recovery. He’ll hold his arm above the water in a recovery position, and then with a slow, steady move, initiate a pull with the extended arm and switch to the other side.

You can see from underwater, that he begins his recovery arm, but then HOLDS it above the water with the arm straight up from shoulder to elbow. This puts a bit more demand on body balance and allows James to feel how that weighted arm above, helps to shift the body into rotation, and aid in the pull of the extended arm.

James has to work hard to maintain a constant kick because he’s placing extra weight over his center of gravity with the recovering arm.