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In this video you will learn how to link many of the poses in our fundamentals course together into something called a Sun Salutation.

Remember to always lead your movement with your breath. That means you start either your inhale or exhale before the next movement. This teaches you how to use your breath more efficiently as well as allowing you to stay focused and move with greater ease.

Start at the front of your mat in mountain pose. On an inhale lift your arms up and out to the side and then overhead. On an exhale with a strong core and long spine leading with your chest fold forward at your hips.

Place your hands on your shins and on an inhale lift your upper body halfway up so that your torso is at a 90 degree angle at your hips. On an exhale fold forward.

Bend your knees enough your hands reach the ground. On an inhale bring your left foot back towards the back of the mat followed by the right coming into a high or low plank position. On an exhale keeping your elbows tucked in towards the ribs and the shoulders away from ears lower yourself towards the ground.

Press the top of the feet down into the ground so that you feel your quads engage and knees lift. On an inhale slowly lift your chest and chin up and forward into a cobra or updog. On an exhale slowly lower.

On an inhale tuck your toes back behind you and press yourself up and back into a down dog. Connect strongly and evenly into both hands and on an inhale bring your right leg up and back behind you with your toes curled and pointed towards the ground. On an exhale glide forward coming to where your shoulders are over elbows and your elbows are over your wrists. At the same time bring your knee towards your nose and your nose towards your knee.

With however many steps it takes to bring your right foot towards the front of your mat and place it in between your hands. Right away bring your left foot to meet your right coming into a forward fold.

Place your hands on your shins and on an inhale lift your upper body halfway up. On an exhale fold forward. On the next inhale with a long spine and strong core come all the way up to standing bringing your arms overhead. On your exhale bring your hands through the center.

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