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• Improves breathing efficiency
• Increases awareness
• Develops focus
• Relaxation response

• Start by placing one hand onto your stomach and one hand onto your chest
• This will give you feedback as you build your three-part breath
• Take a few breaths to notice what your natural breathing pattern is at this point
• Do you breathe through the nose or the mouth?
• What is the path of the breath through the body?
• Where do you feel expansion on each inhale?
• What is the length of your inhale and the length of your exhale?
• The three parts of the breath are the stomach, the ribs, and the chest
• First, empty the lungs
• Breathing in through the nose slowly feel the stomach fill, the ribs widen and the chest rise
• Exhaling through the nose feel that same wave-like rhythm in reverse the chest falls, ribs narrow and the stomach empties
• Over the next few breaths slowly allow the body to expand a little bit more on each breath cycle using more of your lung capacity