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Andi Murez came by the house to swim in the Endless Pool Elite. We spent a bit over an hour swimming, talking and me asking her about her swimming.

This is a casual opportunity to talk to an Olympian about her stroke, her development, and her continued search.

We'll be posting an automatically generated transcript of the conversation below. We hope you enjoy these videos.

So obviously big straight arm stroke, this is a big, big time. Here, Olympian, Andi Murez says just swim in nice and smooth at this point. Water set at a slow speed. So I would say actually looking at it, it is the left arm. And when if you look in there, if you're looking in the mirror, watch how the left arm starts to fade out further outside, especially when you breathe to the right. And remember what we talked about the last time you were here, the hand should feel almost a fall, because you're bracing a little bit. So there's a, there's this, when you when you go to the right, the left hand kind of leans out a little bit. So watch it first look in the mirror, have it go right down into the catch, and then have that same thing. Well watch it without breathing first, see what it feels like to have it roll down in Yeah, and then go ahead and take a breath. And it's interesting because my dad was actually watching me yesterday. And he said that when I was coming around, my wrist was already bent. Okay, so then maybe even that it's coming in, because I'm so used to it, and then I have to readjust. Now that I'm thinking about it. So think about almost taking your fingers on entry and turning them in a little bit, which then pops the elbow. So just like that, okay, because it's easier to get on top of the elbow. If the fingers come in. You can see how it turns it. And then you can almost come in in that catch position. And then on the left side, it's going to feel like you're slipping a little bit.

Okay, all right.