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Andi Murez came by the house to swim in the Endless Pool Elite. We spent a bit over an hour swimming, talking and me asking her about her swimming.

This is a casual opportunity to talk to an Olympian about her stroke, her development, and her continued search.

We'll be posting an automatically generated transcript of the conversation below. We hope you enjoy these videos.

I think that's a little bit better. Yep. Left hand doesn't get quite as in here start to travel off to the side a little bit.

I like the breath of the left. Right here, the hand went out. Just a left hand slide now a little bit, still. Okay. So the, I think turning the fingertips in on the right hand was effective. But just make sure that you enter a little bit more firmly. And maybe we're just feeling out at the beginning. But you want to make sure that you come in all the way through the surface of the water not stopping before you get there. exaggerate the left hand just a little bit more this time.

So we're gonna do is we're filming her with the iPhone. We're just going to show her that if she feels like the hand is really rotated, and she'll see that it's now just a straight. How turned into that feel on the left? Okay, come here. Look at it.

And does this speed.

Feel good? look good? Yeah, it's, it's smooth. You know, you'll get better as you go faster. But you see, it's just straight now. But remember where it was? Where was it? It was out. So you have to feel really in to get it straight. So, yeah.

Now I just felt how I sort of

glide around. Yeah. Yeah.

One more time. You wanna try a little faster? Sure. No, I was thinking it was too bad. Do you think so? Okay, let's, let's go. Let's go. 120.

Yeah, that's good.

That was really good.

Much better.

That's better.

Or you just became more propulsive immediately. I think that was better.