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The first thing that we want to ask is where do you look when you swim freestyle.

So I think I have a tendency to look forward and lift up and it makes my head out of line. And so I try to look forward as much or straight down as much as possible, because I think I still end up looking slightly forward. But I really am trying to work on my posture, and keeping my head back up.

Let's see it. So I'm going to put the water speed a little bit faster to make it a little bit more natural for you for this particular skill. So probably come down to about 105, I'd say, you know, just take 2030 strokes, something like that.


If it's too slow, it's not as natural.


Good to see the underwater where she's looking. And in this pool, obviously, you can really look at yourself in the face. Because you're looking straight down. So it seems like some of the sprinters are going to go deeper and not look as far forward. But that was really nice. So in here, you can really look right down at yourself and see that you're looking directly at the at the bottom.

Yeah. I want to see. I want to see myself I feel like

yeah, it depends on it depends on what you're looking at, you know, looking at hand entry, the head can be a little bit more extended. But if you're looking at rotation, you're probably looking more towards your lats and the midsection so the head can be further down. So if you're looking at your hip rotation and things like that, you probably look forward at the front mirror, because then you can see more of your body that way. So, so it really does kind of what you're looking at on your body and what you want to see activated. It'll change where you look. So really good.