Apr 12, 2022 - Open Water Safe Spaces Zoom

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Apr 12, 2022 - Open Water Safe Spaces Zoom

Monday https://www.goswim.tv/lessons/298-back-balance :12 - correct body balance - head back hips up :30 - hands at the sides, lean back until the water touches the sides of the goggles :41 - slight tilt - always thinking of the nostrils :57 - hips up - knees at the surface 1:11 - tilting the head back can drop the hips and expose the nostrils 1:21 - good balance can allow you to fix your goggles while still moving

Tuesday https://www.goswim.tv/lessons/3265-front-to-back-rotational-balance 1:43 - start in Position 11 1:52 - drop one arm and rotate all the way over to your back with the other arm extended Roll like a log 1:57 - bring the trailing arm up and across your body If the body is balanced, it will fall back over to face down Position 11 2:04 - repeat the the other side 4:07 - incorporating it into freestyle Rotating to a safe space

Wednesday https://www.goswim.tv/lessons/3266-back-home-base-with-propulsion 2:36 - freestyle to rotating to the back at 2:46 just as in the previous video 2:47 - drop the lead arm down to the side, now both arms down 2:49 - using a flutter kick, start sculling or pushing with the hands to maintain forward momentum while safer on your back 2:57 - after you’ve regained your breath (composure), roll back over to more strokes of freestyle 3:10 - in rhythm, roll to the back position with both hands back Scull and kick in a safe position 3:38 - slowed down

Thursday https://www.goswim.tv/lessons/2771-rotating-to-air-on-both-sides 1:54 - easy rotation MUST start with a balanced body Starting with low breaths like swimming in a pool 2:19 - additional rotation for open water breathing Same tempo - Same water speed 2:25 - rotate the head early for the additional turn 2:29 - both goggles out

Friday https://www.goswim.tv/lessons/3314-open-water-breaststroke-sighting 1:51 - swimming slow freestyle 1:56 - head up breaststroke sighting 2:01 - I must maintain the same speed in the EP, while you’ll be able to slow down in open water 2:08 - back to freestyle after you know exactly where you’re going 2:22 - can even talk to your friends in this position 3:40 - faster water 3:46 - dive under and escape the surface 3:47 - breaststroke under and then… 3:49 - explosive high breath 3:50 - down to the line 3:52 - 2nd high (the confirmation) sight 3:54 - back to line and transition back to freestyle 4:18 - repeat 5:22 - don’t even have to get the mouth up Old style breaststroke

Saturday https://www.goswim.tv/lessons/906-step-7-combat-side-stroke :27 - extended balance nose down :42 - you can use the lead arm to push up to air Then fall back down - pull and extend while still on your side :51 - push off in extended balance 1:04 - during breath - pull back with the lead hand and recover the trailing hand 1:10 - the hands should meet at the sternum 1:12 - when the hands come together, start drawing the legs 1:18 - initiate and scissor kick while pulling the hand back Watch how long the swimmer glides at this point 1:32 - a resistive position that’s about to become propulsive 1:51 - driving into the line Less is more - ride the line!

Sunday https://www.goswim.tv/lessons/322-safety-first :08 - swim with a partner :26 - in the ocean - swim near a guard :38 - watch for warning signs :45 - inspect the bottom for rocks shells or anything that can cut :51 - check the slope - how fast does it fall away :59 - plan your route 1:14 - if heading toward a buoy, are you going to the left or the right? 1:21 - practice buoy turns in your pool 1:25 - weigh down a ball 1:32 - in the beginning of your open water experience - stay close to the shore 1:50 - plan the beginning and end - look for landmarks to sight on 2:05 - have a guide and someone escorting the group in a kayak