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Streamline is basic to all good swimming!

It’s so basic that it’s more than a focus point…it’s the most important thing you can do to go faster.

Streamline is the one thing you should think about every time you go to the pool…and every time you push off the wall.

Keep your hands in a thumb-lock position.

Try to get your hands locked like this, even if your shoulders are not very flexible.

If you lock your hands, it helps you extend through the shoulders.

Squeeze and extend until your shoulders are tight against your ears or head.

Keep your head in line with your spine, and don’t look forward.

Hold your streamline as you kick into your first stroke.

Practice holding a super streamline off every wall…every day. It’s the #1 way to swim faster!

If you race only in open water, streamlining is still important. By streamlining off every wall at the pool, you’ll go faster in open water, and you’ll increase the range of motion in your shoulders.