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The best way for you to improve as a swimmer is to listen to your coach. However, even the best coach can’t watch every swimmer all the time, so your success will depend on your attention to detail.

In this video, I’ll share with you the six most important things I think about when I swim butterfly. These are the six key focus points that work for me – and that I teach to swimmers at my clinics.

I’ve learned these focus points and techniques from some of the best coaches and teachers in swimming – people like Bob Gillett, Bill Boomer, and Ross Gerry. And I didn’t learn them overnight. I’ve spent thousands of hours perfecting each one, and I’m still learning.

When you try these things for yourself, it’s best not to think about all of them at the same time, but rather, focus on one specific thing each day.

When you work on one or more of these techniques, it should be in addition to what your coach is asking you to do, not in place of.

All great swimmers will tell you: Don’t just do what’s asked of you. Always do just a little bit more. Swim with commitment and focus, and try every day to give everything you have.

OK. Let’s go swim butterfly.