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From Position 11 it is a natural progression to introduce the kick, and we do this in three stages.

First we start on the wall, with the swimmer holding on with the fingers of one hand pointed up and the fingers of the other hand pointing down for leverage.

If necessary, you can hold the swimmer’s legs above the knees and work the legs up and down. The motion should originate from the top of the leg and not from the knee.

Say, “Straight long legs…point your toes…keep your ankles loose.”

Stage 2 is to have them kick in Position 11 with a kickboard. Have the swimmer hold the bottom edge of the board, at the widest part. The eyes should be looking straight down, elbows locked, arms higher than the ears.

Tell the swimmer to kick with straight, long legs and to keep the ankles loose.

Stage 3 is Position-11 kicking without the board – eyes down and kicking from the hip.