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For the final section of the video, Roland will just swim…and you can watch how all the parts come together to create speed.

Try to pick out the things we focused on.

Does he swim in perfect alignment?

Does he have a steady kick that drives his rotation?

Does the kick help drive his lead hand into full extension?

Does he get extended front to back on every stroke?

Can you see his breath…or is it low and hidden?

How well does he grab water with his hand and forearm?

And is he lifting with the elbow and the shoulder to start the recovery?

In these next few clips, Roland will start slow and build to race pace.

See if the key elements are there – no matter how slow or how fast Roland swims.

As you add these focus points to your own swimming, remember to work on just one thing at a time.

Start slowly, don’t be afraid to experiment, and be patient when you try to change things with your stroke. As Roland would tell you: Never give up. Believe in the impossible.