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The key to moving fast in breaststroke is to create as little resistance as possible. I keep this in mind when I pull…when I kick…and especially when I glide between strokes.

In this clip, I’m swimming race-pace breaststroke. I’m trying to get maximum propulsion from my pull and kick, but I want you to watch what I do in between the pull and the kick.

Let’s slow that down.

Right here…just after the kick and before the pull…I’m in streamline.

Here it is again. … streamline. Arms fully extended. Eyes down. Head between arms. Body fully extended and level. Feet together and toes pointed.

Here’s another cycle. … streamline.

No matter how fast I swim breaststroke, I try to start and end every stroke in perfect streamline.

Let’s watch a few lengths in slow motion from different angles. Try not to watch the kick or the pull. Focus just on what happens between the kick and the pull. Watch for the streamline, and then see if you can add this to your own stroke when you practice.