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1/1/1 Butterfly
My favorite butterfly drill is definitely one right arm, one left arm, one full stroke.

I breathe to my right...breathe to my left...and take a full stroke without taking a breath. My focus is keeping the arms low to the water.

I like this drill because it lets me work on my arm recovery and body rhythm without getting fatigued.

5 Kicks/2 Strokes Butterfly
5 Kicks/2 Strokes helps you breathe low to the water and helps you get the feeling of butterfly undulation, both in your kick and in your actual stroke.

Start with 5 kicks...come up and take 2 strokes fly...then dive back down and take 5 more dolphin kicks.

Eddie Reese loves this drill. You can see how it teaches the body motion and how to fit the kick and the arms into the overall stroke.