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Up-and-Down Breaststroke
My favorite breaststroke drill is up-and-down swimming, and you can do two up/two down...or three up/three down.

You push off the wall, take two regular strokes, then dive down and take the same number of strokes under water.

When you’re under water and you take your head out of the equation, it easier to think about other things -- because there’s a lot of things to think about on breaststroke.

On those underwater strokes, you try to mimic what you’re going to do on the surface. That means keeping your hands moving out front...hitting those corners...and, as you’re hitting those corners, getting your heels up to your butt.

As you finish the underwater strokes, you carry that same momentum or rhythm that you had under water -- and just add a breath to it.

4 Pulls/2 Strokes Breaststroke
In this breaststroke drill, you push off the wall and take 4 pulls with your legs dragging behind you...and then take two regular strokes.

This is a good drill for warming up for a 100, because it allows you to have sort of an “over tempo.” You really get that pull moving, and you’re working on accelerating around your corners.

Breaststroke Pull
Breaststroke pull is not really a drill, but I do a ton of it. Sometimes I use a pull buoy...

...sometimes a tube...

...sometimes a parachute or bucket. But I do a lot of it and it’s a great way to work on keeping the hands moving, working on a wide pull and accelerating around the corners.