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Popov Drill
My favorite freestyle drill is definitely Popov drill, made famous by Alexandre Popov. He did it in warmups at the Olympics and people took note.

You push off...take three strokes...rotate to the side...take a breath...take 8 to 10 kicks on that side...take a breath...take three more strokes...rotate to your other side...take a breath...take 8 to 10 kicks...etc.

What I like about this drill is that it forces you to rotate both ways and to continue your kick through both sides. It forces you to get that feeling of not stopping your kick no matter what.

Single-Arm Freestyle
Single-Arm Freestyle, breathing to the opposite side, is a great drill for working on rotation.

If your left hand is down, resting on your left thigh -- and you’re swimming with your right arm -- you breathe to your left side. Focus on turning your head just as your hand is entering the water. This helps you develop a quick breath, which can give you faster rotation and arm speed.