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This swimmer is demonstrating the back-to-breast spin turn.

When we slow it down, you can see that the knees clear the water. This reduces resistance and lets you spin a little faster.

Step #1: The Touch
Make contact with the wall by reaching back and touching the wall behind the opposite shoulder, and near the surface -- with a maximum depth of 6 to 8 inches.

Notice that instead of grabbing the edge, the swimmer’s palm is flat against the wall.

Step #2: The Spin
Practice the spin by jumping off the bottom of the pool and reaching one arm back BEHIND the opposite shoulder and into the wall. Touch with palm flat and fingers pointed in the direction of the spin.

Here it is again in slow motion.

As you reach back toward the wall, bend your knees. As you touch the wall, bring your knees out of the water and spin them toward the wall.

As you spin, absorb the touch by flexing the arm, and push on the wall to assist your spin.

When your legs are past half way to the wall, continue to push to the side.

Before your feet reach the wall, move your hand away from the wall and toward your head.

Step #3: Answer the Phone
After your hand pushes away from the wall, move it toward the ear as if you were answering the phone.

After your hand passes the ear, drop it under water to match up with the other hand for a streamline push.

Step #4: Approach, Spin, and Turn
Swim toward the wall and reach back and across on your last stroke to initiate the spin.

Clear the knees out of the water to decrease resistance and increase your rate of spin.

Watch your knees spin toward the wall, because this will help you line up your head for an powerful push.

The hand at your hip should turn palm up, and push toward your head. This helps bring your body in line for the push-off.

Step #5: Use the Other Hand
The final step, as with all the back-to-breast turns, is to practice the turn with each hand.