Backstroke - Skill Progression with Rohan Taylor

Australian Olympians Ash Delaney and Belinda Hocking demonstrate their drill progression for backstroke mastery. Some of the drills are basic, but you will see them executed at the highest level of proficiency. Other drills are more advanced, and will challenge you to learn new skills and make new discoveries in your stroke.

Who It’s For:
Swimmers who have developed good proficiency in their backstroke, including good body position, effective kick, and overall timing of the stroke.

Who Will Benefit the Most:
Swimmers searching for a way to improve their stroke mechanics and speed.

What You’ll Learn and How You’ll Learn
You’ll learn how Rohan Taylor, one of Australia’s elite-level coaches, uses backstroke drills to improve the strengths and weaknesses of elite swimmers.

You’ll see the drills and movements performed by two of the world’s best backstrokers – Ash Delaney and Belinda Hocking.